266533 Miles Later

266533 miles later, we trade in the ‘97 Honda Civic hatchback. It was the first new car we purchased. I’m a bit sad — I remember when she was new and eating up the road with a barely audible growl. As of yesterday we have a grey Honda Fit to park in the driveway of our house in pseudo-suburbia. If a baby appears on our doorstep, I’m not answering.

I had to let the Yakima towers and crossbars go too, since I couldn’t get the cores to unlock even after I sprayed it with WD-40. That’ll show me for not taking them off annually as was recommended. I only found that out later as I was looking up how other people had manged to get the racks off with jammed cores. Where do the red straws that come with WD-40 cans always disappear to anyway?