Dandelions and False Dandelions

Dandelions in everclear I finally got around to starting a quart of dandelion tincture yesterday. I should have done this about a month ago since most of the dandelions have started going to seed. Whatever. I debated about just using the roots or just using the flowers (petioles and all), but eventually I went with chopping up the whole plant except for the puffballs, and covering it with Everclear.

Taraxacum officinale vs. Hypochoeris radicata — I think they are running neck and neck trying to inherit our yard. Lots of ways to tell them apart but I usually go with tall/short, smooth leaf/hairy leaf, yellow/bright yellow, ball puffs/weird, closed-in puffs. I should probably look up better ways to tell them apart. Guess it doesn’t really matter since I used the flowers from both. I only used the leaves and roots of the dandelions though, since I was too lazy to want to deal with the prickly leaves of the false dandelion.
Dandelion puffs

Dandelion falsies are just like real dandelions. So I have been told.